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A Walk in the Park

By Dianne Steinley, Editor OHW Magazine

A guide to on-leash and off-leash areas in the Okanagan.

One of the indicators of an animal-friendly community is the provision of designated dog parks where our canine chums can burn off energy and socialize with others in a safe environment. In the Okanagan, we are blessed with an abundance of such areas, and by paying attention to a few simple, common-sense rules we are sure to enjoy some fun-filled times. Chances are, our dogs won’t be the only ones making new friends!

The following general guidelines are standard in most communities. It’s a good idea to check which ones apply for your specific location.

  • Pick up your dog’s waste and dispose of it properly. Most, if not all, dog parks provide plastic waste bags (often courtesy of a local pet store, vet clinic or business) and receptacles.
  • Check your numbers: some parks specify a maximum number of dogs per person in the off-leash area.
  • Aggressive dogs and prohibited breeds are not allowed in some dog parks.
  • Keep your dog under control and in sight at all times. You are responsible for any damages or injuries your dog may inflict.
  • To use the off-leash area, dogs must be wearing a licence and vaccinations must be up to date.
  • Female dogs in heat are not allowed inside some parks.
  • Respect other park visitors by keeping your dog from running up to and jumping on people.
  • Put your dogPlayful havanese puppy running with his ball in a spring garden on a leash before entering and when leaving the off-leash area.
  • Children must be supervised by an adult when in the park.
  • Use the off-leash park at your own risk.

To find a dog park in your community, go to the websites shown below. If you don’t see a listing for your area, we suggest you contact your local government office or a local pet store or veterinary clinic for information.

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