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Mindfulness: An Ancient Practice for Modern Times

By Sharon E. Davison

In the midst of a hectic schedule, it really is possible to become a relaxed, calm observer and improve your wellbeing.

Mindfulness is a word that we are seeing more and more, in many contexts, and associated with many different things. Advertisements for a variety of goods and services use this word as an adjective to describe their product as being on trend and about wellbeing. Recently I saw an ad for “mindful bread” and wasn’t sure how bread could be mindful. When we see the term used in this way our understanding of what it is and its benefits may be incomplete. It is not a commodity or another technique. It is a source of health, happiness, and wellbeing for the many who learn and cultivate its practice. Continue reading

Your Aging Feline Friend

CPA cat looking out through a windowBy Moira Drosdovech, DVM

Unfortunately, just as we two-legged creatures age, so do our four-legged furry feline friends. We wish they wouldn’t and it is true that most cats seem to age very gracefully, not really appearing to be old until quite suddenly and well into their teens. But age they do and one thing that has become apparent to me over the past 28 years of practising veterinary medicine on small animals is that cats can hide their health issues from their parents rather well, almost covertly as a matter of fact. Continue reading