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Man Playing Golf

Want to Play Better Golf?

By Ross Short, CHP

We’ve all heard the adage that practice makes perfect, but the real magic lies in improving postural alignment, balance, and flexibility.

Whether you’re a serious golfer or not, you’d still like to see your game improve, wouldn’t you? We all would, or golf wouldn’t appeal to us, and we wouldn’t bother to keep score.

What lengths have you gone to, to play a better game? You’ve purchased the best clubs, top grade golf balls, expensive footwear, or even had clubs custom made for you, right?  Maybe you’ve gone to the point of having the exact shaft flex created for your hip and spine rotation because, after all, this dictates your club head speed. Or perhaps you’ve invested in a multitude of lessons from a professional. Continue reading

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Lovely Yorkshire Terrier sticks out his tongue

Advice from a Professional Dog Groomer

By Cheryl Canning

Regular grooming is an important part of responsible dog care. Not only does it keep the coat and nails neat and tidy, but it also provides an opportunity to spot any skin issues. Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about professional grooming services.

What services do groomers provide?

Each shop is different, but typical services include full grooming (bath, blow dry, groom whole dog, nails) or a bath and tidy (bath, blow dry, trim feet, face, bum and nails) or just a bath and nails. Many groomers also do walk-in nail trims or feet or face trims. Continue reading

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visual field test

Top 7 Ways to Maintain Healthy Eyes

By Daniel Walker, OD

Your eyes are a vital part of your health. Follow these tips for a lifetime of good vision.

  1. Get Your Eyes Checked Regularly. Perhaps the most effective way to ensure you maintain healthy eyes is by getting them checked by your optometrist. Routine eye examinations are recommended (whether you wear glasses or not) for babies as young as six months old, followed by another exam at age 3, then again at age 5. During school-age years, annual examinations are recommended and are almost entirely covered under the BC Medical Services Plan. Exams can be decreased to every two years when advised by your optometrist.

Continue reading

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German Shepherd Dog Sticking Head Out Driving Car Window

Beyond Dog Breath

By Moshe Oz, DVM

Not just an oral health concern, dental disease can lead to other, potentially life-threatening, conditions.

Dental hygiene is one of, if not THE most important aspect of veterinary preventative medicine. Oral hygiene has both medical and cosmetic significance. Being aware and proactive about your pet’s oral hygiene can positively influence your pet’s health and longevity. Continue reading

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Welcome to the Spring-Summer 2016 issue of Okanagan Pet Health Magazine.

ITL Fall issue of MagazineWelcome to the Spring-Summer 2016 issue of Okanagan Pet Health Magazine.

Owner, guardian, parent. However we label ourselves, our “other” family members occupy a special place in our hearts. It is dogs who are commonly referred to as “man’s best friend,” but whatever the species of pet in our home, or in the field or stable, it falls upon us to keep them safe and well. Continue reading

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