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Uncontrollable Sugar Cravings Keeping You from Getting Fit n Healthy?

By Michale Hartte, BASc (Nutr), NNCP, CH

Here are three top tips to put the brakes on the binges and get back on track.

Are you recovering from the holiday season with sugar cravings that won’t go away no matter what you try? Looking to get “fit n healthy” and stop these sugar cravings, once and for all? Continue reading

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Caring for Your Dog’s Ear Infections

By Nicole Wilks

Those big floppy ears of mine – so cute, yet so in need of attention.

It’s a beautiful day as I sit on the deck with my three-year-old chocolate lab, Tucker. He basks in the Okanagan sunshine, soaking up some vitamin D. I’ve had my boy since he was eight weeks old. He was the runt of the litter (although at his current 120 pounds you would never know it) and has been relatively healthy so far, other than the odd ear infection and a losing battle eating a bee last year. I have been very fortunate that his care has been really more preventative and maintenance. Continue reading

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Middle Aged Couple Cooking Meal In Kitchen Together

Embracing the Positive Realities of Aging

By Raina Dawn Lutz

The best path to health is in the food you eat.

Holistic nutrition and healthy eating is vital to the process of aging well. Aging in our society is seen as grief, a loss, a dysfunction. We spend so much money trying to reverse it or keep it away, and usually on creams and potions to thwart it before it begins to show. It is mocked and something to be scared of. People try to prevent it, usually with a price tag, but it is not preventable. Aging can be a positive thing to embrace more easily when we take care of ourselves nutritionally. Continue reading

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Man getting a cold, refreshing drink from the water cooler.

Cleaning Your Water Cooler

Asked by Susy, Vernon, BC

The water in my home water cooler has recently developed a bad taste. What is the best way to clean the cooler?

That’s a very good question, Susy! Here’s a thorough cleaning method recommended by Health Canada.
Note: Clean your bottled water cooler before every bottle change. Continue reading

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The Benefits of Staying Hydrated

By KyLee Fournier

Reasons to pay attention to your fluid intake – and easy ways to do it!

Water is one of the elements essential to our wellbeing. Our bodies consist of anywhere from 50 to 70 percent water depending on sex, age and body type, so staying hydrated is vitally important for overall health. It’s easy to forget that large amounts of water are lost daily through simple body functions like breathing, going to the washroom and evaporation on our skin. It’s important to be conscious of these things so we can take steps to avoid dehydration. Common symptoms include headaches, dark yellow urine, sluggishness and even bad breath. Continue reading

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