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One tool to boost your self-confidence: Letting go of “good enough”

By Leanne Doering

What are you good at? This can be a scary question for many people because before they even say something, they are worried about being judged, and perhaps not being “good enough” at the thing they were thinking of saying.

Now, what does “good enough” even mean? Who defines “enough”? Where do your parameters come from? Why do some people get anxious when talking about things they know the most about? Continue reading

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Natural Solutions for Seasonal Allergies

By Michale Hartte, BASc (Nutr), NNCP, CH

If springtime signals itchy eyes and a stuffy nose, here’s an alternative to conventional medical treatment.

It’s springtime and the plants are now coming to life! We all love the warmth of the sun; however, a high pollen count spells bad news for some.

Allergy sufferers may blame the stirred-up dust, but did you know that it is NOT the dust causing the annoying itchy eyes and stuffy nose—it’s how the body REACTS to the dust. Sure, some people are more sensitive than others, but that just means their immune system is overloaded with more toxins than they are getting out. Continue reading

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How Do I Take Better Photos of my Pet?

By Caitlyn Chapman

When I tell people that I am a pet photographer, very often I get a response like, “I wish I had photos taken of old so-and-so before he passed—he was so special.” The Internet is awash with cell phone snaps of people’s pets—we are photographing them more than ever and though the best intentions are there, not every snapshot captures the true essence of your pet. I always suggest having professional portraits taken of your furry friends, but if you don’t have the means to hire a professional pet photographer and want to give it a try yourself, here are six tips that may help you get some shots you’ll treasure forever. Continue reading

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Unconditional Love

By Carole Fawcett, MPCP, MTC, CHt

How you and your dog can make a difference in the lives of others by joining the St. John Ambulance therapy dog program.

Danny and Gail are a team of unconditional love in action. Gail has post-traumatic stress disorder and Danny is her PTSD service dog who assists her in many ways. He is her loving motivational companion and provides emotional support. “Danny is often the catalyst to start conversations with others and I love it when this happens, because then I can educate people about the importance of a dog who provides emotional support” says Gail. Continue reading

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Are We Programming Our Children to Become Robots?

By Mary Kozicki, BscN

In a society where entertainment is right at our fingertips, it’s especially important to encourage our children to stay active with free, unstructured play.

As our online world expands, are our children losing the ability to be spontaneous, creative, and passionate? Are our children encouraged to think for themselves, to wonder, to query, to make or create new ideas? Are we encouraging our children to discover, to go out on a limb without someone else’s rule, to think outside the box?  Are they enjoying free, unstructured play or a sedentary, indoor childhood? Continue reading

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