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The Benefits of Reiki for Seniors

By Teresa Krehel

Learn about this Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.

Reiki is used around the world by people of all ages and through its simplicity and gentleness, it has tremendous benefits for seniors.  Many people have reported that Reiki helps to reduce stress, relieve tension in the body, improve vitality, and promote a deep sense of peace.  This hands-on healing art supports both the physical and mental aspects of health by encouraging the person’s own natural healing abilities. Continue reading

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Young Woman Brushing Teeth

Adding Pelvic Floor Activity into Your Everyday Life

By Cathy Watson BSc Physiotherapy

With a little bit of intention and practice, it’s easier than you think.

With everyone so busy these days, how can anyone think about adding even one more thing into their life? Especially the thought of more exercise! Well, what if it was super easy to blend pelvic floor muscle exercises into your normal daily activities? I’m here to tell you that it really is, so read on… Continue reading

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Tanning bed in a salon

Letter to the Editor – Base Tan

Dear OHW Magazine,

Many of my friends are planning sunny vacations this winter, and some are talking about getting a base tan before they go. I know that tanning bed use is a controversial subject and wonder if you can provide some information on this and other ways to prepare for the hot sun.

Jean, Penticton. Continue reading

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Male back muscular system anatomy in body-builder pose

What Is Hellerwork?

By Sarah Brown

Q: What is Hellerwork?

Hellerwork is a system of Structural Integration (first developed by Dr. Ida Rolf) and further expanded to include Somatic Dialogue and Movement Education, to realign and restore the body back to optimal alignment, resulting in improved overall health and wellbeing. Hellerwork understands the inseparability of body, mind and spirit through the integration of mechanical, psychological, and energetic principles. Continue reading

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pregnancy and skin care

Babying Your Skin

By Beth Bialko

Pregnancy is an exciting journey, but it brings its own set of skin challenges and concerns.

Every part of the body goes through changes during pregnancy, and the skin is no exception. Skin changes occur in about 90 percent of pregnant women, in one form or another, due to the surge of hormones. Continue reading

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