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9 Overlooked Causes of Weight Loss Resistance

By Chelsea Gronick, ND

What if your health and weight loss struggles really aren’t your fault, and by doing a few things differently, you could jumpstart your weight loss today?

Weight loss resistance is the term I use to describe the common syndrome I see in people with metabolic damage who fail to lose weight, despite following a healthy diet and exercise program, and suffer from a host of troublesome symptoms including low thyroid, food intolerances, low sex drive, gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms, and fatigue. Continue reading

Woman suffering from stress grimacing in pain

Chronic Pain: More than Just Being Sore

By Chris Carter, BSc, DC, GradCertPainMgt

This troubling condition causes physical and emotional stress and can hamper enjoyment of life. What are the underlying factors and how can sufferers find relief or even recover?

What is chronic pain and how does it develop?

You may already have recognized that chronic pain awareness has become a hot health topic over the last several years. Deservedly so, as this condition affects one in five Canadians and can have deleterious effects on families and the economy. Although good information is widely available regarding chronic pain, there is also, unfortunately, incorrect information that may mislead those who suffer. I hope I can clear up a few things. Continue reading

Muscular young man holding his back in pain, isolated on white b

Low Back Pain and Sciatica: A Surprisingly Obvious Solution

By Elliot Lysyk, DC

When pain is literally getting on your nerves, these two non-surgical treatment options can help reverse the problem.

Nerves can become pinched in a variety of ways, and every time a 14nerve is pinched or choked off, electrical interference is created between the brain and the body. These interference patterns create the health complaints that chiropractors treat. Continue reading