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Five Supplements

Back to Basics: Supplement Smarts

By Claire Volpatti

A quick and easy guide to getting the vitamins and minerals you need for great health.

Supplements provide your body with the nutrients you may not get through food alone. Some necessary nutrients, like vitamin E, for example, are present in only a select number of foods and it can therefore be difficult to get the recommended daily intake without supplementation. Continue reading

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Combine harvester working on the wheat field

From Field to Table: Sustainable Food and a Small Footprint

By Dianne Steinley, Editor OHW Magazine

Two local businesses have created a relationship that connects the farmer to the miller to the baker to the community.

Rooted just over six kilometres north of the city of Armstrong (“The Heart of Country”) lies some of the most scenic, flourishing agricultural landscape where you might see asparagus growing or perhaps the ancient grains emmer or spelt. Among those parcels of land you will find Fieldstone Organics, BC’s only Certified Organic grain handling facility, specializing in grain, legume and seed cleaning and processing. Continue reading

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Wooden box filled fresh vegetables

Once upon a Farm

By Afke Zonderland

The bumper sticker “No farm – No food” is a good reminder to support BC farmers.

I count my childhood on a large dairy farm as one of my greatest blessings. Even though I permanently left farm life as my husband and I boarded a plane to Vancouver in 1971 to make a life for ourselves in Canada, the farm never truly left me. We saw our Canadian dream come true when, eight years later, we found a small acreage in the rural community of Grindrod to raise our three daughters. A perfect, unspoiled clearing against a forest of tall cedars and hemlock, overlooking the valley. Thirty-five years later, grandchildren are helping me rake the garden soil, dig for worms, and eat the berries off the vine. Continue reading

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Welcome to our Okanagan Health & Wellness Magazine Winter 2017 Issue

ITL Fall issue of Magazine

Welcome to our first issue of Okanagan Health & Wellness for 2017! With the beginning of each new year, we here at the magazine have an additional reason for celebration, as the timing coincides with the anniversary of our publication’s inception. Continue reading

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A Simple Winter Equation

By Mary Kozicki

Healthy Minds + Healthy Bodies = Energy

Many studies have found that good nutrition, along with exercise, positively affects the health of our mind. This is especially important in children, from birth to adulthood, in creating a healthy learning environment. A number of studies have shown that students who eat a nutritious meal and engage in moderate exercise are better able to focus and have higher test scores. And according to these studies, the most important meal of the day is breakfast, which many kids and even parents miss. Continue reading

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