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Welcome to Our Second Annual Okanagan Pet Issue!

ITL Fall issue of MagazineAfter the overwhelming positive response to our inaugural issue in 2014, we couldn’t wait to return with more informative, inspiring, and entertaining articles focusing on our beloved non-human friends.
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Dog in the car

Heatstroke Dangers and Our Pets

By Cathy Lehtonen

Summer fever is upon us in the Okanagan, and the warmer temperatures have arrived! Everyone is outside enjoying the weather, including our pets. However, as with humans, too much sun, little shade, and not enough water to drink can lead to heatstroke in our pets. Since becoming a DOGSAFE® Authorized Instructor in 2011, I’ve had the opportunity in our Dogsafe® Canine First Aid course to teach many Okanagan dog professionals and dog lovers about the dangers of heatstroke for dogs. Continue reading

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OHW Magazine’s Pets Issue

Pets 14 Feature for website

Welcome to our inaugural Okanagan Health & Wellness Pets special issue!

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If you’ve picked up this magazine, chances are that, like us, you couldn’t imagine a world without non-human companions. Whatever their size, shape, or colour, most animals have the ability to somehow work their way into even the most hardened of hearts. And if you’re not sure you agree with that statement, take a peek at the photos throughout this issue and you’ll see what we mean! Continue reading

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