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The Allergic Dog

By Britt Mills, DVMDog-allergies-1

Allergies can be frustrating for you and your dog, but the following tips may help relieve his discomfort and give you peace of mind.

Many owners have experienced the frustration when their dog won’t stop scratching–the sleepless nights, the raw scabby skin, the frequent visits to the vet and the ongoing medications. Allergies in dogs can be difficult to manage, but there are a few options that can help keep your pooch comfortable. Continue reading

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Rejuvenating Your Older Dog

By Dr. Britt Mills, DVM

Many pet owners believe that the decline in mobility and the chronic health problems that can plague older dogs is an inevitable part of aging. What some people don’t know is that there are many safe and effective methods to ensure that your pet’s golden years are as comfortable and healthy as possible. Here are a few tips that I’ve found to be effective in my practice. Continue reading

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