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Keeping a Healthy Internal Environment

By Wayne M. Terai, BSc, DC, CLT

When it comes to caring for your body, how “green” are you?

What comes to mind when you hear the word “environment”? Green space. Pollution control. Fresh air and water. Renewable resources. As important as these all are, have you ever thought about your internal environment?  Is your body “green” and “pollution free”?  Are you regularly renewing its resources with fresh air, purified water, and healthy food?  Think about the amazing machine that your body is. It’s working hard for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You expect your body to perform and to do it without complaining. How are you treating its internal environment? Continue reading

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Money: The Last Taboo

By Sharon e. Davison, BEd (Adult)

A money coach can help you examine your core patterns and beliefs in your relationship with money.

Try talking to someone about what they earn, what they owe, or what savings they have or hope to have, and you will likely be met with a range of reactions or emotions.  Ask them how their relationship with money is, and you might get a blank stare. We don’t want to talk about it and we don’t want to look too deeply, and yet we often want our relationship with money to be different in some way. Can you relate? Continue reading

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Every Adult Needs a Will

Every Adult Needs a Will

By Jody Pihl, BComm, LLB

A specifically tailored will provides peace of mind with clear instructions regarding your wishes and the needs of your heirs.

A will is the best way to ensure that the people, charities, and organizations you cherish most receive the benefit of your estate. Your will is also your last communication with your family and friends and your opportunity to leave clear instructions on how you want your assets to be handled and how you want your legacy and final wishes to be carried out.  Without a will, the courts decide who gets what, without regard to your wishes or your heirs’ needs, and your estate may not be distributed in the way you would have wished.  Having a will is also important to avoid the higher costs, avoidable delays, and even potential squabbling among family members as to who gets which parts of the estate. Continue reading

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Father consoling son

Caregivers in Distress: A Growing Problem

By Dalia Gottlieb-Tanaka, PhD

As our population ages, the question is not if someone will be faced with the reality of caring for an elderly loved one, but when.

I received the report Caregivers in Distress: A Growing Problem on the same day our Society for the Arts in Dementia Care was rejected on a grant application for a workshop/retreat for burned-out caregivers of family members living with dementia. I think if I had left the word “retreat” out of the title, our chances would have increased for a positive response. In her report, Isobel Mackenzie, the Seniors Advocate of BC, confirms what we, the frontline services, have been complaining about for several years in Vernon. The problem of caregiver burnout is not unique to our area alone. Continue reading

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