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imageThe first-ever pure power event, will be held in Kelowna at Bo.ttega Farm Inn on Saturday, October 26th, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

It promises to be a day of extraordinary discoveries, presented by cutting-edge speakers and workshop leaders who are dedicated to showing you simple strategies for making positive transformations in your life. Learn how your power of belief has been scientifically proven to be a stronger indicator of your life’s path than your genetics (and how to change negative beliefs); how to harness and use your intuition to help you navigate the twists and turns of life; get a health tune-up; explore your innate creativity; discover the benefits of a ph-balanced diet, and more. Continue reading

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OHW Magazine’s Fall issue is on the Press!

 Fall Front Cover for website

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Stand Up and Paddle for our lakes, for fitness and for fun!


We all live in the Okanagan for various reasons, but it’s safe to assume that most of us, if not all of us, love that we’re so close to water. Clean, warm, freshwater lakes are ours to enjoy, and hopefully protect, throughout the year. They play a key role in the environment, our culture, even in our economy as they attract people the world over to experience what we’re lucky enough to enjoy every day.

So take a moment to appreciate our lakes. Be good to them and keep them clean, respect them and understand their power, and most of all enjoy them–particularly on a warm summer day when they offer a cool and relaxing haven from the dry Okanagan heat. Continue reading

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OHW Magazine’s Summer Issue

ohw website summer 13 front coverIt’s summer in the Okanagan and at OHW Magazine we are overjoyed at its arrival! Like most locals, we’re looking forward to those warm summer days, balmy summer nights, and all those other wonderful things that are associated with summer in the Valley. Like the vast variety of outdoor activities that are just outside our doors, the loads of fresh produce available from our own gardens or the local farmers markets, the beautiful scenery that ranges from rolling farmland to dry desert beauty, and just an overall feeling of wellbeing.
Continue reading

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The Benefits of Working Out at Home

I hear so often from people who want to improve their fitness but don’t want to join a gym and have myriad ‘reasons’ why they can’t work out at home. Ok so you may think you don’t have the space for it but hey, you’re only one body; you’ll be surprised at how little space you actually need. Here are some answers for those other ‘reasons’; Continue reading

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