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If You Have an Issue, It’s in the Tissue!

By Ross Short

Your body has the internal wisdom to heal itself if you focus on alignment and balance.

Do you suffer from chronic pain? Do sore muscles or fatigue prevent you from cycling, golfing, or the other activities that you love? Do you find yourself constantly tired and low on energy? Most of us go through life considering pain and fatigue to be a natural side effect of aging and we accept them as something that we “have to live with” or manage. This is not true!

It has been proven that with proper treatment, pain and fatigue can be dramatically reduced or eliminated as you age. Your body and mind are one interrelated system that can heal and restore itself with the right treatment and practices. There are no quick fixes or instant cures that will restore your health, but there are some proven health modalities that when combined and practised over time can reduce or eliminate pain, restore energy, and return your body and mind to optimum health.

How can some people golf, run marathons, cycle, garden, and enjoy life into their 90s and beyond, while others have to put down their clubs, retire their running shoes, or get off their bikes years earlier? The issue is often in the internal misalignment and balance of our posture and fascial tissue. By correcting this problem, you can stay active and enjoy your favourite activities for years.

I was living with chronic debilitating pain from a career in hockey and policing. I felt like I had run out of options and was becoming resigned to living with a lifetime of discomfort and reduced physical activity.  I instinctively knew there had to be a better way to age than living with pain, so I set out on a journey to restore my health and eliminate the pain. After examining almost every treatment imaginable, I realized that the answer was not in one procedure or process alone, but in combining the best of the systems I had discovered. I spent time and resources to master Pilates, Hellerwork, Reiki, and whole body vibration, realizing that combining these four proven, powerful modalities would help restore my body’s balance and alignment. With proper alignment and restorative practice, I was able to eliminate my own pain and increase my energy.

After experiencing a dramatic improvement in my own health, I concluded that this unique system—Structural Integration—could benefit everyone. I changed careers and have since devoted my time and energy to improving the lives of others. I have worked with professional athletes, business leaders, musicians, triathletes, weekend warriors, students, and others to reduce or eliminate their pain, help them lead healthier lives, and have them back doing the things they love.

When asked for feedback on this unique system, former NHL player Dave Babych commented: “Anyone considering Hellerwork should not hesitate. I’ve been a pro hockey player for 20 years. In those 20 years, I felt my best when Ross Short performed Hellerwork on me. My posture was better, joints moved easier, I could breathe easier and this was after only a few sessions. I would recommend it to anyone.”

Much of the pain that people live with is the result of old injuries, accidents, stress, or poor habits. Even if the actual injury has been treated, we often hold the tension or misalignment in our bodies for years.  Until the body’s underlying fascial tissue and alignment is restored, we will continue to experience pain and discomfort. Many athletes, when training and practising, take their bodies out of balance to accommodate injuries, soreness, or fatigue. The result is that all of that training and practice is actually hurting the body rather than helping it. The key is to restore the alignment and balance first so that your training is healing, strengthening, and restorative.

Overall alignment is critical to improved health and to reducing or eliminating pain.  When your body is in alignment, your joints and muscles move fluidly and painlessly, working with gravity.  When you are out of alignment, your body’s systems, its tissues, joints, muscles, and bones are fighting gravity and each other, leading to short-term pain and potentially to longer term health issues.  If a previous injury has not properly healed, it can lead to misalignment and imbalance; this in turn creates poor posture and pain.

Treat your whole body, eliminating pain for the long term rather than focusing on a short-term fix that will simply mask the symptoms. Rather than being frustrated with your body’s aches and pains, or resigning yourself to quitting golf, cycling, running or another favourite activity, consider Structural Integration. This unique and powerful system has worked for many Okanagan residents and may be the answer for you.

Your body has the internal wisdom to heal itself if you focus on alignment and balance. If you have an issue, it’s in the tissue!

Ross Short, CHP, is the owner/practitioner of Body-Wize in Kelowna. Ross is certified in Hellerwork structural integration, Pilates, Reiki, and whole body vibration. He specializes in myofascial release, joint mobilization, postural re-alignment, and core movement, and 93 percent of his clients experience a reduction or elimination of their chronic pain. Call 250-717-3553 for an appointment. Courses on rapid restriction release techniques are available on his website,

*Reprint from our Winter 2017 Issue

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