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Meals on Wheels: Bringing Shut-Ins and Community Together

By Dianne Steinley, Editor OHW Magazine

“We deliver smiles.”

Vernon’s Schubert Centre, an independent organization run primarily by volunteers, offers activities and programs that help local seniors boost their quality of life. Since 1984, the centre has been well-known as a social and recreational hot spot in which to gather, have fun, and enjoy great food.

But did you know that the Schubert Centre also provides a pleasing variety of safe, flavourful, nutritious meals, along with regular contact for isolated individuals, through its Meals on Wheels program?

Meals on Wheels is concerned with much more than good nutrition. It is a family affair, bringing shut-ins and community together. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, caring volunteers cheerfully deliver meals through any and all weather and encourage seniors and shut-ins by brightening their day—hence the slogan “We deliver smiles.”

Goals of Meals on Wheels

  • To provide nutritious, well-balanced, and flavourful meals to seniors and home-bound individuals
  • To reduce individual isolation and enhance quality of life through positive social interaction between clients, volunteers, and staff
  • To engage families and communities in partnerships that benefit both givers and receivers
  • To provide peace of mind to families and friends who can know their loved ones are the recipients of healthy meals delivered by caring volunteers and staff on a regular, consistent, and dependable basis
  • To provide an opportunity for individuals to volunteer in the community and through this service, improve their own physical, mental, and emotional health

What you need to know about Meals on Wheels

  • No delivery fee, no GST
  • Affordable, hot, nutritious, and delicious
  • Low salt and low fat
  • Diabetic or vegetarian meals available on request
  • Delivery in Vernon on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
  • Delivered over the lunch hour by kind and generous volunteers who joyfully give of their time and resources
  • Available to anyone who has difficulty purchasing and preparing meals (convalescents, seniors, people with disabilities)
  • 48-hour notice preferred to subscribe to or cancel the service
  • Payment in advance, by cash or cheque, preferred by the month
  • DVA meals available

Sponsored by the Government of Canada New Horizons Program, Meals on Wheels promotes individual independence and wellbeing, provides families with peace of mind, and can reduce demand on health services. If you would like more information about this service, please phone the Schubert Centre Society at 250-549-4201 or email

*Reprint from our Seniors Health 2016/2017 Issue

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