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A Progressive Approach to a Healthy Lifestyle

By Matt Somerset

Follow these steps consistently and watch energy, vitality, mobility, and confidence flow back into your life.

Has anyone heard of the new buzz phrase within the health and fitness field these days? It’s called living a healthy lifestyle. There is definitely some merit to that statement. When I stop to think about most people just getting into the health and fitness lifestyle, they have a long way to go to even get anywhere close to the people touting this advice. I prefer a much different approach; and after we are done here today, I’m confident that you will as well. Continue reading

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The Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

By Shauna Jones

Wondering what all the fuss is about? Research shows that drinking high-pH water may extend your life.

Water is an essential for life since it makes up 50 percent to 65 percent of the human body. It works in organs, tissues, and cells to help regulate temperature and maintain bodily functions such as eliminating waste and helping distribute vitamins, minerals, and glucose to nourish your cells. Continue reading

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Fat, Fatigued, and No Fun? Think Testosterone!

By Christine Hatfield, MD

Most often thought of in connection with men, this hormone plays a key role in women’s health.

The women who come to my office have the same collection of concerns: I cannot lose weight, no matter what I do! I feel anxious for no reason! My sex drive is gone!  My body is flabby even though I am working out!  I‘m exhausted!

While there can be many reasons for any one of these symptoms, the most common is a deficiency of testosterone. Continue reading


Getting a Grip: The Wonderful Sport of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

By Andrea Pow

Considered by some to be the ultimate form of self-defence, Brazilian jiu-jitsu requires no hitting or kicking and is accessible to men and women of all ages and ability levels.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) is a martial art, combat sport, and self-defence system that focuses on grappling, especially ground fighting. It was formed from Kodokan judo ground fighting fundamentals and eventually came to be its own art through experimentations, practices, and adaptations from the judo knowledge. Continue reading


Build Strong, Healthy Bodies with Liver

By Michale Hartte BASc (Nutr), NNCP, CH

Love it or hate it, this nutritional powerhouse is so good for you—and here’s a way to sneak it into your diet.

Want to have more energy, feel stronger, and be leaner and healthier? Look to liver!

Liver is one of my “super stars” in the arena of nutrient-rich foods that my family and many of my clients eat regularly to become healthy and stay that way. Continue reading

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