OHW Magazine’s Pets Issue

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Welcome to our inaugural Okanagan Health & Wellness Pets special issue!

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If you’ve picked up this magazine, chances are that, like us, you couldn’t imagine a world without non-human companions. Whatever their size, shape, or colour, most animals have the ability to somehow work their way into even the most hardened of hearts. And if you’re not sure you agree with that statement, take a peek at the photos throughout this issue and you’ll see what we mean! Continue reading

Suffer from Allergies? Low Dose Allergen Therapy Could be for You.

Allergies PicAllergies, asthma, eczema?  LDA may be worth a shot.

The plant life that makes the Okanagan such a beautiful place to live has come alive. These delightful plants and grasses are pumping out pollens that leave many of our Okanagan residents reaching for their antihistamines or, in extreme cases, a shotgun.
These common problems are the result of an inappropriate immune response toward certain inhalant and food allergens. Up until now, the naturopathic treatment of these conditions included identifying and avoiding certain triggers. While this approach often produces excellent results, food avoidance is often unsustainable and giving away your favourite pet is not an option. Continue reading

The Balancing Act – Estrogen Dominance

menopause-signsBy the time most women come to me, they’re tired of it all–the heavy periods and cramps, the  moodiness and sore breasts, never mind the weight gain, insomnia, headaches and a long, long gone libido. Many are taking medications to improve their mood and help them sleep. Some have been given hormones to get their periods under control. They may even be considering surgery.

I encourage women to look at their symptoms from a different angle and to understand that their bodies are trying to cope with severe hormone imbalance–estrogen dominance. Continue reading

Healthy Eating – Healthy Weight

Changing eating habits and losing weight tend to be common resolutions made at this time of year.  This is a good thing since, in addition to quitting smoking, healthy eating and regular exercise are the two factors at the top of the list of disease-prevention measures. Even better is that both these factors are within our control…..it just takes a bit of effort. However, the quick-fix fad diets and weight loss supplements that we typically turn to don’t help us adopt healthy lifestyle habits, or maintain a healthy weight for the long term. Weight loss research consistently shows us that severe caloric and food restriction does not result in permanent weight loss, let alone teach us about healthy eating on a daily basis. There lies the reason why only approximately 10 percent of people who begin a weight-loss program are able to lose the desired weight and only 5 in 100 are able to keep the weight off.(1)  Successful and healthy weight loss and maintenance involves diet, behaviour modification and regular exercise. Continue reading

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