Ever wonder why roses are given on Valentines Day?

Rose oilThe most exclusive of all oils, Rose Oil, heralded for its emotional and psychological benefits. It is a natural anti-depressant and aphrodisiac. No wonder the rose is the choice of valentines! 70% of the world’s Rose Oil is produced in Bulgaria. Harvesting of the flowers is done by hand in the morning before the sun rises and the oil must be distilled the same day. A very fragile caring process very fitting to the purpose it was made ~ to look after our hearts. Interestingly it takes 60,000 roses to produce 1 ounce of Rose Oil. Happy Valentine’s Day

by Audrey Cranston

The Oil Factory


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Life in Balance

balance, harmony and idyll are in you own handsBalance–it’s a term that seems to imply psychological, physical, spiritual health. It’s something we can strive for but not something we can easily accomplish or achieve. But we keep trying, partly because our North American culture has convinced us that we need to achieve, and partly because balance is often an elusive goal. Continue reading

HeartMath – Helping You Live at Ease

Heart Beats

I love yoga and healing! I’ve been reflecting lately on how my body has changed over the years with my yoga practice. I’m stronger, I stand taller and I move with more ease. As I become fitter, I appreciate my heart as a strong muscle.

February is the month we celebrate Valentine’s Day, sharing gestures of love and sending hearts to those we care about. As a way of celebrating, I will share with you some interesting facts about our hearts. Continue reading


Rejuvenating Your Older Dog

By Dr. Britt Mills, DVM

Many pet owners believe that the decline in mobility and the chronic health problems that can plague older dogs is an inevitable part of aging. What some people don’t know is that there are many safe and effective methods to ensure that your pet’s golden years are as comfortable and healthy as possible. Here are a few tips that I’ve found to be effective in my practice. Continue reading

Don’t Let the Flu Season Get You Down

Young man coughing

With flu season in full swing, there are many things you can do naturopathically to protect yourself from being one of the casualties. After all, prevention is the best cure. The basics always apply, so remember to cover your mouth and nose when coughing, wash hands regularly and avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose. But if your immune system is compromised, the avoidance strategy is most likely not enough. You need to begin boosting your immune system, and now is the perfect time to start. Continue reading

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