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OHW Magazine Winter CoverWelcome to the first issue of Okanagan Health and Wellness Magazine–we’re excited to introduce the magazine to the Okanagan and hope you find it entertaining, engaging and above all, informational. As we were putting together our thoughts and ideas for OHW Magazine, we knew we wanted to cover all the aspects of health and wellness–nutrition, fitness, mental health, natural and alternative health, even pet health; in short all the topics that pertain to mind, body and soul.
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Melissa Spooner

Just Move It

Melissa Spooner radiates healthy living. While I‘m convinced it’s because of her early morning swims and trail runs, I’m just as sure it has something to do with her being comfortable in her own skin. In fact, I think it’s safe to say she’s found her niche–and she absolutely loves it.

Many know Mel as an endurance coach and a nutritionist. Some recognize her as the driving force behind Vernon’s recent Ironman bid, while others know her as the taskmaster of Vernon’s Masters Swim Club. Of course, for those who compete in or follow the elite world of endurance sports, they know Mel as a three-time champion Ironman athlete with countless races on her resume. As for me? I know Mel as someone who believes in uniting the community through activity, who believes in doing, not just talking, and who is living proof of the benefits of moving, every day. In fact, I think she could be the face behind a new Nike slogan, “Just move it.” Because as Mel says, “you don’t have to compete in an Ironman race, you just need to get out and go for a walk.” Continue reading

Sugar pic

The Not-so-sweet Facts About Refined Sugar

I’m a sweet lover. I love everything sweet and for years my love of refined, sugary foods had caused many health issues. From body pain to foggy thinking, my love of sweet foods had been to blame.

But over the years I’ve slowly changed my highly processed, high-sugar diet into one full of healthy, whole foods. But, I haven’t removed all sugars. I’ve simply switched my favourite refined sugary treats for better sugars, and my body thanks me every day. Gone are the blood sugar crashes, digestive issues, pain and grumpiness. I can think clearly, I feel great and I get to eat sweet things. Continue reading

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