The Benefits of Reiki for Seniors

By Teresa Krehel

Learn about this Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.

Reiki is used around the world by people of all ages and through its simplicity and gentleness, it has tremendous benefits for seniors.  Many people have reported that Reiki helps to reduce stress, relieve tension in the body, improve vitality, and promote a deep sense of peace.  This hands-on healing art supports both the physical and mental aspects of health by encouraging the person’s own natural healing abilities.

Daily life for seniors can be very stressful, with physical ailments, emotional stresses, and other varying discomforts and concerns.  As Reiki is becoming more well-known, many seniors are discovering it and enjoying its benefits.

Reiki promotes relaxation and therefore helps reduce a person’s stress. My senior clients often tell me after a session that any stress or worries they had prior to the session now have a new perspective or even a solution. On return visits, they report that they slept better, have improved digestion, can breathe more deeply, and that previous stress triggers have less impact on them.

Tension in muscles may be relaxed with Reiki and the soothing heat from the giver’s hands is comforting to the receiver.  This may allow for easier mobility, better coordination, and a safer, smoother walking gait.  With reduced tension in the body, the circulation can then improve. This benefits all systems of the body and contributes to a stronger vitality. A body with good vitality heals itself faster from injury and speeds recovery from surgery.

After their first Reiki session, many seniors are pleasantly surprised at the deep, peaceful, and calm state of mind they experience.  A Reiki session becomes a special time that they look forward to. An elderly client told me once that they had never experienced such a deep peace before. Clients emerge from the table looking brighter, fully rested, and eager to go about their day. Family members who return to pick up their elder folk are often astounded to find a bright, happy but calm person, who only an hour or so ago was not feeling at their best. 

The founder of Reiki created this healing art so that all people could be healthy in body and mind and live a happy life. The benefits of Reiki support seniors in leading happy lives as they work with their primary healthcare practitioners and other therapists.  Please experience a Reiki session for yourself and feel the benefits that it offers.

Teresa Krehel is a Jikiden Reiki Shihan (teacher) and has studied with the Jikiden Reiki Institute founder Mr. Tadao Yamaguchi, from Kyoto, Japan. She has been a Western Reiki teacher since 2003. Teresa is a Certified Reflexologist with the International Institute of Reflexology and is registered with the Reflexology Association of BC.  At her Vernon location, inSpire Wellness Studio, Teresa teaches Jikiden Reiki classes, offers sessions in Jikiden Reiki and Reflexology, and is available for Animal Reiki sessions. Please view, email or call 250-308-4201.

*Reprint from our Seniors Health 2016/2017 Issue

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