Welcome to Issue #3 of Okanagan Health & Wellness Magazine

ITL Fall issue of Magazine

Welcome to our latest issue of OHW Magazine! As always, we’re bringing you articles addressing a wide array of health and wellness topics: From physical to mental and emotional wellness, from external influences to internal harmony, from the benefits of walking to the benefits of probiotics for smelly shoes, you’ll find something of interest here. And again, as always, we thank our wonderful contributors and advertisers for helping us bring this magazine to you.

Statistics show that chronic pain affects approximately 20 percent of Canadians today, impacting not only quality of life but also the economy. Learn how to manage and potentially eliminate the discomfort in “Chronic Pain: More than Just Being Sore.”

Our modern world continues to develop useful communication tools, especially in the field of wireless technology. But, as noted in “EMF Biohacking,” such progress can pose dangers to our health. Check out this intriguing article to see what you can do to mitigate harmful side effects.

Imagine not being able to leave your home or walk outdoors because chemicals from many and varied sources would bring on dangerous—even life-threating—symptoms. While this scenario may sound like something straight out of science fiction, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) is an actual, debilitating condition affecting a growing number of individuals. See the informative article “Demystifying Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.”

Are you looking ahead to when you may have to reluctantly give up your driver’s licence, or do you know someone who is already facing that prospect? “When Driving Is No Longer an Option” explains how a professional driving service can alleviate the fear of lost independence and can help clients to adapt to this changed lifestyle.

How do you cope when you’re feeling under stress? Perhaps “Meditation, Healing, and the Pursuit of a Personal Practice” will resonate with you.

Similarly, few of us would deny the need for increased inner serenity. “It’s All about Music: Be the Composer and the Conductor of Your Life” examines the role of awareness, a balanced combination of mind and heart, a seamless integration of doing and being. This article is the first in a series submitted by pianist, composer, and author Serge Mazerand. His recently published book 7 Keys to Serenity: Creating Harmony Within is now available in print and eBook versions. You may order online (http://keysytoserenity.com/book/7-keys-to-serenity) or through LMR Publishing (parent company of OHW Magazine) for $19.95 + GST. Please email lmrservices@shaw.ca for further information.

You can also meet Serge at the upcoming Penticton Wellness Fair October 29–30 at the Penticton Community Centre as well as the Kelowna Wellness Fair November 5–6 at the Parkinson Recreation Centre. We will also be in attendance at both these events and we hope you will come and meet us!

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