Welcome to the Spring-Summer 2016 issue of Okanagan Pet Health Magazine.

ITL Fall issue of MagazineWelcome to the Spring-Summer 2016 issue of Okanagan Pet Health Magazine.

Owner, guardian, parent. However we label ourselves, our “other” family members occupy a special place in our hearts. It is dogs who are commonly referred to as “man’s best friend,” but whatever the species of pet in our home, or in the field or stable, it falls upon us to keep them safe and well.Pick any article in this magazine and you are sure to find something that perhaps you didn’t know before. Why, for example, is obesity becoming a significant problem in the pet population? What is equine metabolic syndrome? If they’re so skilled at taking care of themselves, why do cats need dental care? And when the natural urge to scratch has them eyeing your furniture, are there alternatives to declawing?

Read about the benefits of probiotics and essential oils, and discover how a veterinarian’s house calls can make a difference to both you and your pet. With shocking accounts of puppy mills making the headlines recently, learn how to distinguish between reputable and disreputable breeders.

Have you ever stopped to consider the convenience of commercial dog food and how it came to be? You can find out the history here. As well, you may be surprised by the statement that you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the Internet regarding homemade pet food recipes. (Or, more likely, you’re not surprised at all.)

Four separate articles address different aspects of dog training, yet all share the common theme of understanding the dog’s perspective of the world. Continuing that theme, another article will also give you a better understanding of the grooming experience from both the groomer’s and the dog’s point of view.

The lineup is rounded out with a Q&A on horse leasing, BC regulations for exotic animal ownership, and summertime safety tips for your pooch.

As always, our article contributors and advertisers deserve sincere thanks for helping make this magazine possible. Please thank them for their support by supporting them in turn.

On a final note, we’re excited to announce our first ever Okanagan pet photo contest, and we encourage you to enter! Between now and July 31, 2016, submit your best amateur photo of your pet for the chance to win some great swag and be featured in the Okanagan Pet Health fall 2016 issue. Full contest details are available at http://ohwmagazine.com/okanagan-pet-photo-contest/. We will be posting photos regularly on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/OkanaganHealthWellnessMagazine) so be sure to check often for a healthy dose of cuteness!

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