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What Is Hellerwork?

By Sarah Brown

Q: What is Hellerwork?

Hellerwork is a system of Structural Integration (first developed by Dr. Ida Rolf) and further expanded to include Somatic Dialogue and Movement Education, to realign and restore the body back to optimal alignment, resulting in improved overall health and wellbeing. Hellerwork understands the inseparability of body, mind and spirit through the integration of mechanical, psychological, and energetic principles.

The Hellerwork program includes 11 themed bodywork sessions to take you through a transformative process that will address and integrate physical, psychological, and energetic patterning.

Hellerwork specificaRunning man muscles anatomy system isolated on white backgroundlly addresses the fascial system. Fascia is the body’s connective tissue; it is an interwoven system that provides a framework for our bones, muscles, organs, and blood vessels. Fascia forms to function, so every movement you make affects how your framework is built. Fascia is also protective by nature; therefore, if you have an injury that did not heal properly, your entire framework is affected by this compensation. Addressing this unique and complex system allows a “re-structuring” of this framework to improve overall physical alignment.

What really sets Hellerwork apart from other forms of bodywork is the integration of Somatic Dialogue and Movement Education.

Somatic Dialogue increases emotional awareness to integrate the strong relationship between body, mind, and spirit. By exploring a client’s thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and attitudes we can help to define this relationship between the psyche and the physical body. Delving into the emotional system provides an opportunity to improve self-awareness and ultimately increase self-expression, decreasing the limits placed upon the physical body.

The purpose of Movement Education is to offer new possibilities in the way that we move through our lives. This exploration can change patterning so that clients can move from a place of ease and fluidity and away from tension and pain. For example, when I first experienced Hellerwork, I became aware of my movement patterns and how they were causing restriction in my body. Exploring new possibilities of movement reduced my pain and I felt myself moving freely.

Hellerwork also explores this on a psycho-somatic level. Movement is directly related to our ability to authentically express ourselves. Studies have shown that over 50 percent of our communication is non-verbal; therefore, our intentions, how we hold ourselves, and how we move through our lives says much more than what comes out of our mouths!

Initially, Hellerwork looks at optimizing the physical functioning of the body by improving alignment, identifying dysfunctional patterns, and exploring new patterns. As the series develops, we delve deeper into the integration of the complex relationship between the body and the psyche.

Hellerwork’s heart-centred approach is transformative and can provide relief from physical aches and pains, improve posture, reduce symptoms associated with anxiety and depression, increase self-awareness, and much more!

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Sarah Brown is qualified as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN). Working at Abaco Health for the past seven years has given her a broad knowledge of natural health. Abaco Health, located in Kelowna’s Mission area, carries an extensive range of quality vitamins and supplements, bulk organic herbs, natural beauty products and organic foods. Their knowledgeable team offer excellent customer service, guiding people into health with experienced and informed advice. Visit

*Reprint from our Fall 2017 Issue.

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